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Rosie privately holds different workshops.

Angel • Crystal • Soul Workshops:

  • Working with Angels — One day
  • Angel Healing Practitioner course — Three days
  • Crystal Workshop — One day
  • Crystal Workshop — Three days
  • Soul Coaching Workshop based upon the 28-day Programme by Denise Linn


Personal Development Workshops:

  • Self-esteem: Value and love yourself — One day
  • Be more assertive and Build your Self-Confidence Skills — One day
  • Acquire better communication skills — One day
  • Heal Your Life (based upon Louise Hay’s book) — Three days
  • Understand yourself better, forgive others and move on with your life

These Personal Development Workshops are one day workshops, however depending upon the needs of the groups or individuals, who may benefit from a more in-depth study of these courses, this can be arranged accordingly by Rosie.


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These workshops are run in large venues in different places, as well as in smaller groups. Workshops are arranged as one day or three day workshops or may run over a number of sessions.

Courses to cater for personal needs on a one-to-one basis are also possible. Rosie works and lives in London, but would be willing to travel to different areas and abroad when there is a large group. Rosie often gives workshops in Ireland, the UK and other places when possible.

For further details contact Rosie at
Mobile: +44(0)7956 243 467

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For further details contact Rosie at
Mobile: +44(0)7956 243 467