Many have been intensely touched by their experience with Rosie. Here are some of responses she has received.

I was powerfully guided my Archangel Michael to take the Angel Therapy Practitioner course and he led me to Rosie. I must say that it turned out to be a blessed experience. The angels chose Rosie to be my tutor for the ATP course and for that I am blessed and very grateful.

The three days I spend with Rosie were very powerful. I had a lot of very powerful meditations and messages from the angels guiding me to my life's purpose. Working with Rosie was a gift from the angels celebrating my 44th birthday. They honoured me by letting Rosie work with me on one-to-one basis.

The course was very illustrative and very deep in knowledge. Rosie took the time to channel for me, prepare what I should know and connect me to my Angels. She is very devoted to her work and very thorough with the knowledge that she presented to me. I must say that it wouldn't have been such a powerful experience had it been someone else that gave me the course.

I am presently working with her as my mentor and looking forward to having more wonderful experiences and connections. Rosie is a very special and warm soul. She encourages you to believe in your gift, helps you connect with your higher self and nurtures you like a mother to achieve higher spiritual realms.

Thank you God, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and all the being of the Light etc. for guiding me to connect with you and to work with you. Thank you Rosie for being my tutor and mentor on my journey.

My violet flame experience: when I did the violet flame for the first time for about 10—15 minutes, I felt a warm strong hug on my shoulders and back and I knew that it came from the angels. The energy I felt was so powerful and different from any I have experienced before.

Rania Kawar
Jordanian, presently living in Alexandria (Egypt)
Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner

I would let you know how I experienced the angel therapy course you kindly held for us. I loved working with the cards and the different ways in which to give readings. The meditations were amazing and hypnotic. I liked talking about alters in the home. The food was amazing, it was also lovely to have a cat around too. It was a lovely space to take some time out to focus on angels. Rosie, you were very accommodating and flexible with dates and times.

The soul retrieval experience was powerful beyond belief, very usefull practically and emotionally. I have really enjoyed the meditation evenings and did really connect with a powerful love that sent me to the highest heavens and deep with in the earth at the very same time. Thank you for that.

I'm not doing well at all at the moment, and have sinse been diagnosed with a very bad case of depression, and tomorrow I will receive anti-depressants and sleeping tablets from the doctor. I am simply not coping with life now and have to get out of here as soon as possible. My whole life has fallen apart and I worry about the affect to my daughter. I hope I can find some strength to connect with the angels and try to get back to a good state of life. I will try to recall the things I learnt from the course and what you have told me but just don't understand why this is happening?

Reading/Channelling from Rosie

By the end of November 2005, I went to see Rosie for a reading/channelling, since I was about 5 months pregnant and the results of the ultrasounds I had done, all revealed that the baby s feet seemed to be in a incorrect position, which is technically called club foot. I was explained that after the baby was born, some physiotherapy would correct the feet, as this is common and usually caused by the position of the fetus in the womb.

Nevertheless, there could have been a second cause, that had to be taken into account, that was, a relation to Down syndrome, since I had not done the amnyosynthesis test, and I was 42. Then, the only way to be absolutely sure, about the causes, was by waiting until the baby was born.

In the meantime I was offered an appointment to see a psychologist that suggested that I had to be prepared and offered me support. However, I couldn t simply wait another 4 months to find out. So, I called Rosie so that I could come and see her for a reading/channelling, but already on the phone she told me that she was sure that the baby was fine, because she could feel it in her heart.

Then, the unforgettable moment (which is still so clear in mind after 3 years, and which I can only describe it as a magical moment) comes, when Rosie closes her eyes, and puts her hands on my tummy and says: "The baby is saying, do not worry, I'm OK, please don't worry about anything, I do not need much clothes, just a little bit of food and love (I presume that the baby knew about the financial situation), I'm coming to the world to give you love".

Rosie was telling me this with tears in her eyes, and saying that he's such a lovely soul, he's asking you to sing for him... And I just couldn't stop my tears from rolling down through my face.

When he came to the world, my husband was the first to look at his feet and just said: "They're perfect!"

Rafael loves singing!


Maria Lopes

Workshop — Angel Healing Practitioner (3 days course)

The course was carried out beautifully in the sense that all details were carefully prepared, the theory was always well supported by the practical side of the teachings.

Rosie puts her love and faith in everything she does. So, she shared her knowledge with us in a loving way, making sure that connecting with the Angels for our daily life becomes a way of living not only for the sake of ourselves, but also for the benefit of the people around us. And therefore as far as it is possible as a contribution to the benefit of the world and Mother Earth itself.

I could easily feel that the atmosphere was full of love and serenity coming from the angelical kingdom and from the ascended masters that Rosie always invited to be with us.

It was a joy being able to be part of that experience, I am simply looking forward for the next workshop on Crystals, that Rosie will be running! I'm very grateful that she thought of me! My mind, body and spirit were enriched!

God Bless! Graca

Maria Lopes