Rosie privately gives one-to-one sessions.

Individual readings

Rosie uses all her own intuitive skills and skills she has learnt from Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette and Denise Linn and many more to give readings using cards and by channelling messages from Angels and Guides. She gives guidance and understanding of any ongoing issues, and overall readings relating to the past, present and future for the client.


Rosie communicates with loved ones from the other side. Great healing can take place, both for past loved ones and for the client.

Spiritual Counselling

Her counselling skills together with her spiritual knowledge and wisdom will help the client to move forward in their life. These sessions help the client to understand their issues better and express their feelings, emotions and concerns to feel better and move on with their life.

Healing with Angels and Crystals Healings

Rosie incorporates working with Angels and Crystals in her one-to-one healing sessions. Feel really relaxed, balance all your charkas and heal your physical body and emotions. Have this healing as often as you feel you need it. Feel nourished, balanced and grounded in yourself.

Past Life Therapy and
Cellular Releasement Therapy

Clients are recommended to have both Past Life Therapy and Cellular Releasement Therapy once every six months as a healing therapy to cleanse any negative blockages. Clients are advised to first book for Past Life Therapy and giving at least two weeks before booking for the Cellular Releasement Therapy.

Past Life Therapy

In this past life therapy session she works through guided soul journeys with the client on a past life that is usually relating to the most relevant learning lesson in this life time. This technique involves a guided hypnosis, being taken back in time to memories, events and issues involved from a previous life time.

This therapy helps the client to:

  • Understand and remember important lessons he/she had learnt from a previous life time but have forgotten.
  • Release any negative programming and replace them by positive love and light.
  • Release any fear, anger, shame, betrayal that the body may be holding.

Cellular Releasement Therapy

This therapy is a healing and very relaxing session involving using hypnosis with the client on removing negative energy from past lives that could be blocked in different parts of the body.

  • Works on different parts of the body and on all seven Chakras.
  • This therapy includes sending healing colours into the body and concentrating on any physical ailments that may need extra healing.
  • Works on removing any negative programming for the client that could have been picked up from their loved ones (relating to this life time).

Therapeutic session to heal blockages and issues

This is a guided meditation using Rosie's training by Denise Linn in Soul Coaching and her own gifts of being able to channel working with the higher self.

  • Would you like to resolve an ongoing issue with someone or some people?
  • Are you aware of a repeated pattern in your life, that is occurring again and again and you just cannot understand or explain it?
  • Are you feeling stuck to move on in your life with people you love but are not able to communicate this clearly to them and resolve it?

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