Self-esteem Course: Value and Love yourself — One-day

Love yourself enough to come and enjoy this workshop and learn to empower yourself towards making positive changes by learning effective methods that will help you progress in your life. This is to help to express yourself and work on overcoming your fears.

Be more assertive and Build your Self-Confidence Skills — One day

Overcome your fears and address your needs clearly and feel good about yourself.

This course will teach you:

  • Techniques through role-play to be more assertive
  • Express your needs clearly
  • Techniques to be more confident in yourself, which you can continue to use and practice in everyday life.

Acquire better communication skills — One day

Have you felt left out in groups? Do you feel you have something to say but find it difficult to express yourself. Do you feel you are often misunderstood by others?

This course will teach you to:

  • Learn about various methods of expressing yourself
  • Learn to really listening to others
  • Communicate your needs clearly and reach a compromise in some situations.

You can Heal your Life (based on Louise Hay) — One day

Enjoy this workshop and step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears to make positive life changes though this course. Learn to love yourself, and find that everything works in your life.

Understand yourself better, forgive others and move on with your life — One day

Free yourself once and for all, carrying unforgiveness for someone will create emotions such as pain, hurt and anger in your life. These unsolved situations, are often recreated in other future lives, until these are resolved.

If you are ready to enjoy your life to the full and grow in yourself? This course will teach:

  • To heal yourself
  • Forgive yourself and the person involved
  • Techniques to work on yourself, for 40 days to heal your emotions and free yourself. A CD by Rosie that guides you through this 40-day meditation and visualizations can also be bought.

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